New to Disc Golf? Try it out!!

Are you new to Disc golf?
Give it a try with our rental disc’s!
Rent three different disc’s for an hour and a half and see if it is for you.
Disc golf is played with professional discs, a put and approach, a mid range or a distance driver.
All discs handle a slightly different weight and shape to give it a more precise flight path.
Our Disc Golf Course hosts nine holes with distances ranging from 68 ft to 378 ft so each family member young and old can have fun and success.

Rent three different discs at $10 for an 1-1/2 hour game filled with fun and challenges, a score card with rules and a pen will be added.

With our rental program you can find out which disc suits you best. Once you own a disc the sky is the limit!
More and more disc golf courses open up in different locations throughout the province and why not play it again?


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